Wyoming Big Game Draw Information

How does big game tag draw work in Wyoming?

How does big game tag draw work in Wyoming?

In any type of big game draw, 75 % of available licenses in each hunt area and license type will be allotted to the preference point drawing. In Wyoming, preference points rank in differing application pools by the unit. The remaining 25% of available licenses will be reserved for a random drawing. The random drawing is intended to provide everyone who applies a chance of drawing a license without preference point built up.

Wyoming Preference Points

Wyoming Preference Points

Like many other states, Wyoming gives non-resident hunters the option to purchase preference points to get a better shot at a preferred hunt. You can purchase a preference point only from July 1 - November 2. Preference points are a way for hunters to improve their odds of eventually drawing a license in a hard-to-draw hunt area. To get the best use of your preference points, check out the application strategiesClick here to find out more information or apply for preference points.  

Wyoming Big Game Cost

Wyoming Preference Points Cost

Check out more information on Wyoming Preference Points here:

Nonresident Antelope $31

Nonresident Bighorn Sheep $150

Nonresident Deer $41

Nonresident Elk $52

Nonresident Moose $150